What Do We Buy
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What Do We Buy

All products are an opportunity for us!  Here are some product categories.


Frozen -

Both Retail and Foodservice:

Pizza, Bakery Goods, Vegetables, Beef, Poultry, Pork, Bacon Bits, Filled pasta, Ice Cream Novelties,

TV Dinners, Entrees and all frozen products.


Dry -    

Both Retail & Foodservice:

Cookies, Crackers, Canned Pudding,, Canned Vegetables Oils, Pasta, Tomato products,

Candy Individually wrapped and bulk, Mixes and all other products.


Spices, Caseins (milk proteins) and all levels of ingredients.


Health & Beauty



Self Improvement Products


Contact Information

Covenant Food Marketing, Inc.
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Office Phone: (636) 272-1994

Office Fax: (636) 272-1996

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